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Viral Hepatitis Research Group


Our research focuses on understanding the mechanism of hepatitis C virus (HCV) entry into the liver and how the virus persists to evade the innate and adaptive immune responses. Development of multi-cellular systems comprising hepatocytes and non-parenchymal liver cells have enabled us to uncover new pathways that regulate viral replication. We are exploring the impact of viral and bacterial co-infection on HCV pathogenesis and the role persistent HCV replication plays in the development of hepatocellular carcinoma.

HCV Information

Jazzy Jazzy's story - life with HCV

CRUKWhy is HCV important?

JandFHCV New Drug research (formerly Janis and Friends) a patient's eye view of HCV.


A list of all therapies for HCV in development

               World Hepatitis Alliance


Our Neighbors

MRC Centre

MRC Centre for Immune Regulation (downstairs)


Centre for Liver Research (across the corridor)

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EASL 2014 - April 9 - 13, London


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